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Buried With Their Cleats On

The Old Men

I love the old football players.  Their stories are so colorful.  They have lived such rich and full lives.  I've met with them in their homes, sat at their kitchen tables, talked with them on the telephone, and corresponded with them.  My wife calls what I have done for more than twenty years--bothering the old men.  But it has made my life fuller to know them even ever so briefly, whether it be through mail, telephone, or in person.  So many have died.  That's understandable because most of them were old men when I got in touch with them.  If you have seen my other football web site , you'll see comments from grateful grandchildren or sons and daughters of these grand old men (on the guest book page).  My heart is warmed to get a note from a grand-daughter who almost cried when she saw her grandfather's autograph on my web site.  In this spirit, I want to share more documents from my extensive football autograph collection.  What good is an autograph collection if it just sits in a closet?  There is great satisfaction in sharing it with you.

Click on the position or category in the directory (above) to see a deceased player's career, quotes, and signed documents.  The index page lists which position/category each deceased player is listed in.  It also links to deceased players on my other vintage football autograph web site.  I have also provided links to the wonderful Find a Grave web site for many players.  I have created many of the biographical entries for football players on that web site.  In some instances, photographs of their grave markers may be seen.

The autographed newspaper sports cartoons in my collection are somewhat unique.  I found them in old newspapers, made copies of them, and sent them to the players to be signed.  They were drawn by such great sports cartoonists as Tom Paprocki, Jack Sords, Alan Maver, and others.  Some of the signed cartoons in my collection are shown on this web site.

In most instances, I display only a signature on this web site. I have letters and many other documents sent to me by these "old men."  My collection is massive and historically valuable.  Please inquire via the guestbook if you are interested to learn if I have other documents for a specific individual.

This is a dynamic web site.  New entries will be added periodically as I learn of their deaths.  Space limitations prevented me from adding all my deceased football player autographs to this site so I created another web site for the remainder of my collection and for future growth as players pass away.

LAST UPDATED:  July 8, 2012