Deceased Football Autographs

Buried With Their Cleats On

Dan Devine (1924-2002)

Coach—(Minnesota-Duluth) Arizona State 1955-57, Missouri 1958-70, Notre Dame 1975-80; Green Bay Packers 1971-74 [College Football Hall of Fame 1985]

My brother, Bob, was in Dan Devine's recruiting class at Notre Dame. By the time I came to South Bend, Devine had just left. However, I got to know Dan. I had more than a few encounters with him while Bob was playing and then when I played there.  He stepped into a difficult situation, having to follow Ara Parseghian, who left on his own accord. People loved [Parseghian] in South Bend. Devine faced a tremendous amount of pressure. Then his first season, Notre Dame didn't go to a bowl game. But two years later, he won a national championship, and the Irish were ranked in the top 10 in three of his six seasons.  At times Notre Dame has gotten caught up in hiring someone who is both a good coach and a strong public-relations person, someone who could relate well to the media. But Devine was not a gregarious personality. He was not going to give the media a great quote all the time. He was a football coach first—and a great one.
    Mike Golic


Dan Devine autographed this 1960 Tom Paprocki cartoon.   He is buried in St. Francis Cemetery, Phoenix, Arizona.

Don Faurot  (1902-1995)

Fullback—(Missouri) Coach—Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1926-34, Missouri 1935-42,1945-67, Iowa Pre-Flight Seahawks 1943, Jacksonville Naval Air Station Fliers 1944  [College Football Hall of Fame 1961]

In 1941, I had lost my star passer, Paul Christman.  I had two fast halfbacks, Harry Ice and Bob Steuber.  I had seen the Chicago Bear T-formation, and I was taken with the short pitchout.  So I started from there.  I figured that by setting the quarterback in motion for a wider pitchout to our fast backs, we could get them away better than from the single wing or straight T.  The split T had every element of deception and all the machinery for power runs and surprise runs or passes.
    Don Faurot


Don Faurot autographed this 1935 Tom Paprocki cartoon.

Pearce Johnson (1899-1996)

Assistant General Manager—Providence Steam Roller 1925-31  [Minor Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989]


Bennie Oosterbaan  (1906-1990)

End—(Michigan) Coach—Michigan 1948-58  [All-American 1925-27, College Football Coach of the Year 1948, College Football Hall of Fame 1954; basketball—All American 1927]

Oosterbaan was not the precise type of teacher that [Fritz] Crisler was. And Crisler had better psychology for knowing the players. But Oosterbaan, I would give him substantial credit for the complicated plays we had.
    Lloyd Heneveld



On the 3x5 card he wrote, "There were no 'tough' guys in my era.  I softened them all up!"


My son, William, was about 12 years old, he drew this nifty drawing of Bennie Oosterbaan which the latter kindly autographed for him. 

Bill Potter (1919-2001)

Coach—(Pomona College) 1942   [National College Tennis Coach of the Year 1975, College Tennis Hall of Fame 1985]

I only spent six months at Lincoln [Nebraska Army Air Base] in 1942 when the base was very new.  They did not have a football team at that time.
    Bill Potter

My father went to school, college, and played trombone in Potter's dance band.